Prayer, outreach and an NCF table at USF

NCF at USFA week before classes began at the University of South Florida, Chrissy Farr joined other members of her church for a 24/7 prayer watch for God's work on campuses in the area.

"We were specifically praying for outreach to students during the first few days of the semester," said Chrissy, an NCF campus volunteer. "I wanted NCF to be visible during this critical time." The NCF group hosted an information table and 25 students gave their contact information to learn more about NCF. Chrissy and the students are following up with each of them.

A faculty member saw Chrissy at the NCF table and asked how she could support the ministry. A person from student affairs offered to help if NCF wanted to do a table again in the nursing school. "Our prayers were answered in ways I wasn't expecting, and it was a huge encouragement." said Chrissy. "Now we're praying that non-Christians coming into our NCF community will know Jesus personally at USF this year."


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