Opportunities & Obstacles for Student Groups

BlackboardOur NCF student ministry reflects the complex realities of our time. Some NCF student groups are taking advantage of technological resources by using Blackboard (Bb) to create online environments for their groups.

The NCF student group at University of Texas at Tyler College of Nursing and Health Sciences requested a Bb site from the university as an official student organization. Any student can enroll to view it, but only faculty can add content. They use their site to share meeting announcements, prayer requests, and post pictures from events.

Kaplan University is using a similar online classroom format. One faculty advisor is rolling out a Bible study for the NCF students every two weeks with a Scripture passage and one question for discussion.

At the first meeting of the school year, NCF students at Huron School of Nursing (OH) had the idea of using a mixture of online (Bb) and face-to-face meetings for their group. However, they just learned that their school will be closing in December. Students, faculty and staff are still recovering from the shocking news. Pray that God will guide the NCF students and the faculty advisor in this transition and open new doors for them.


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