On Nursing, On TV with Skip McDonald

Skip on The Christian ViewNurses are finally feeling the love, thanks to the national conversation about nurses (#NursesUnite) sparked by The Miss America Pageant and The View.

Now The Christian View discusses nursing with special guest Skip McDonald, NCF staff in Atlanta, GA.

In these three televised segments, Skip shares her wisdom as a Christian nurse and spiritual mentor to nursing students. Get started with the interview or catch the highlights here:

A Life of Nursing: Patient Care, Author, Mentor

Skip explains why she is passionate about her NCF ministry with nursing students. “When I went to nursing school, it was a struggle, so now I give back to nursing students. We do leadership training, Bible studies, pray together, and talk about their classes and clinical experiences. I want to be an encouragement to them.”

Skip is the author of the book, She Lived Happily Ever After: Finding Fulfillment as a Single Woman. “I was thrilled to be asked to write a book on singleness and my single journey. I was called to be single when I was 30. I’m not telling people not to get married, but to live life to the fullest as you’re single. ”  Watch part 1 of Skip's interview.

A Response to Miss Colorado and ‘The View’

The TV co-hosts asked Skip about the controversy surrounding Miss Colorado’s monologue ‘talent’ as a nurse. “When I first saw it, I was very touched. She felt so good about her profession and was proud that her talent was caring for people. It’s a great encouragement for us when someone in the public eye says, ‘You’re not just a nurse.’”

Appreciation is important, but nurses need to have healthy attitudes before they care for patients. “One of the things I tell nursing students is that they may have had a horrible moment before work, but leave it at the door when you enter the room,” Skip says. “That’s why it’s so important for nurses to give self-care so we don’t have a negative effect on our patients. Self-care includes eating well, exercising and taking some time out to be quiet just for ourselves.” Watch part 2.

The Ministry and Calling of Nurses

As a nurse for nearly 40 years, Skips talks about the ministry of nursing. “Nursing is a calling for me. Nurses can be used by God to be the touch of Jesus to each person. We may not be able to say the name of Jesus, but our care and approach speaks volumes.”

“Students often ask me, how do you know when you can pray with a patient, or say something? I tell them, you listen well because they will give you the cue if they are interested in spiritual things. They crack the window and you raise it open.”

Skip has walked with Jesus since she was seven, but now that she is older, she realizes the importance of intimacy with God and keeping a healthy relationship with him. It’s what drives her to care for the patients, nursing students, and other people God brings into her life as a nurse, educator, mentor and friend. Watch part 3.


You can partner with Skip McDonald through a financial gift to support her NCF ministry with nursing students.



What a great recap of my tv segments on The Christian View. Thank you! May our great God be honored and glorified!

What a great recap of my tv segments with The Christian View. Thank you! May our great God be honored and glorified!

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