Nursing Students See Answered Prayer

When Meghan and her friends started a new Bible study last fall at Grand Valley State University (MI), they prayed that God would bring more students. God answered their prayers beyond what they imagined!


A few months later their group expanded to two Bible studies -- one for nursing students and one for pre-nursing students -- with a total of 22 students involved. Students saw God's Spirit at work among them and one student re-committed her life to Christ!

Last Saturday I led a special day of training with GVSU students, along with Curt Kuiper, the InterVarsity area director.  We studied the story of Jesus and Zaccheaus  (Luke 19:1-10). Jesus was just passing through Jericho when he looked up and saw a man who was eager to see Him. Jesus changed his plans and told Zacchaeus, “I must stay at your house today.” Jesus reveals his guiding purpose: “to seek and save the lost” (Luke 19:10).

Curt asked us some very challenging questions to actively respond to this Scripture lesson:

  • If Jesus passed through your school of nursing, would he see anything that prompts him to stay?
  • In your life, who do you consider “outside of God’s family,” like Zaccheaus? (Zaccheaus was considered a traitor to his own people because he was a chief tax collector.)
  • How is Jesus inviting you to seek out marginalized people because He wants to spend time with them today?

After hearing the Word, Meghan and the other students discussed how they could take new risks to reach out to others and follow Jesus in their school of nursing.

In my work as NCF staff, I love equipping students like Meghan to lead NCF ministry on campus. We talk about their leadership of the group and discuss where they have seen God at work. We pray together for God's guidance and thank God for what he has already done!

I also help the leaders plan for the future of the ministry and make sure their vision and purpose is clear. God gives me a glimpse of how he is transforming students’ lives during these conversations and I am so grateful to be part of his mission!

–by Renee Lick, NCF Director of Student Ministries


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