Nursing Students Off to Camp

at campEvery year after final exams, thousands of InterVarsity students will flock to Chapter Camps around the country. Some are pre-nursing and nursing students who will spend a week focusing on growing their relationship with God. Away from school, without the stresses of classes, clinicals and exams, they can renew and deepen their spiritual lives in Christ.

Through InterVarsity Chapter Camps, these nursing students will also receive training on how to lead NCF more effectively. We provide scholarships to nursing students attending Chapter Camps because of the strategic nature of this leadership training opportunity.

I think of Kristin and Natalie, two nursing students in Pennsylvania. Kristin led the NCF group at her school this year. During spring semester, Natalie served as an apprentice (leader-in-training) in the chapter. Together, they will co-lead NCF ministry next fall and invite their classmates into a supportive community that explores faith and nursing.

tweetKristin and Natalie have decided to attend Chapter Camp and participate in a week-long inductive Scripture study in the Gospel of Mark. I am confident they will love learning more about Jesus as they see him in Scripture. Not only that, but they also will gain essential skills for leading their NCF Bible study in the fall!

Please pray for Kristin, Natalie, and many other nursing students attending Chapter Camp in May and June. Pray that Chapter Camp will be a spiritually refreshing and restorative after a long year of nursing school.

Timothy Lin is the NCF Student Ministries Director and Senior Area Director in Kansas with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship.


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