A Nurse’s Impact

Melissa and BuckyI am a nursing student at the University of Wisconsin. A recent personal tragedy reminded me why I want to be a nurse.

My boyfriend's mother, Kathy, was diagnosed with recurring cancer last November. A few weeks later, after bouts of chemotherapy and hospitalization, she was transferred to hospice. Medical interventions were no longer enough to sustain her earthly life.

In the midst of disorder, confusion and sorrow, my boyfriend shot me a text message: "At the hospital I was thinking that one of your missions is to be the best and most loving Christian nurse you can be. Being on this side of things made me realize how vital a loving and caring nurse is. Never take for granted how much of an impact you have on your patients by showing Christ's love."

It's easy to forget how much of an influence we can have in our profession as nurses. Sometimes I feel like I don't make much of an impact or that people don't appreciate what I do and how much I care. But we have opportunities every day to make an eternal difference for others. We may never know the impact we have on others but, if we're willing, God will use us for his glory. The power of Christ in us should never be underestimated.

I had the special opportunity to spend the entire last day of Kathy’s life with her and her family at hospice care. I experienced the receiving end of kind and caring nurses and it made a significant difference on me and my boyfriend’s family.

Though Kathy’s earthly life is over, I imagine her praising our Lord in heaven, free of cancer, pain, and sorrow. Through her life, I’m reminded that our mission is urgent. Our message is life-changing. Our mission field is today. Completely surrender to him, and relentlessly pursue those who are lost.

by Melissa Nied



There is no greater place of honor than to be in the presence of someone when God ushers them from this life to the next. Thank you for these words Melissa, beautiful and inspiring.

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