NSNA 2011 Wrap-Up

NCF at NSNAThank you for your prayers for the JCN and NCF outreach at the Lippincott booth April 6-10. I talked with hundreds of students (yes... hundreds!), distributed around 400 journals and gave away 400 flyers showcasing Journal of Christian Nursing and Nurses Christian Fellowship.

What a delight to hear students and educators exclaim, "JCN is just what I need!" and "I just used this journal for a paper in school!" and "Do you have anything in your journal about missions?" Many had not heard of NCF and were thrilled to learn of an organization whose mission is to bring the good news of Jesus to nursing and healthcare.

Four themes emerged from my conversations with students:

  • Students want to be cared for, know they matter, and feel they are important.
  • Students are anxious about school, passing NCLEX, and what nursing holds for them. They wonder, Will I find a good job . . . Will I make it?
  • Students want help with spiritual care-giving—assessment, addressing needs, appropriate faith-sharing.
  • Students are interested in healthcare missions.

Would you pray for nursing students to encounter Jesus who can meet all of their needs? Pray that God would use the conversations and NCF materials from NSNA to minister to their needs and draw them to Christ. To God be the Glory!


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