New Student Outreach Underway

NSOI have a favorite acronym in my work as a campus minister. The acronym is NSO, and it stands for New Student Outreach.

NSO takes place during the first month of school when college students everywhere are most open to exploring life in Jesus and checking out campus ministries like Nurses Christian Fellowship. And right now, across the country, NCF student leaders and faculty advisors are actively engaged in the NSO season. They are doing everything they can to invite and recruit nursing students to join their chapter’s mission on campus.

When we experience transition in our lives, our disequilibrium often brings a heightened openness to spirituality. You may see this in healthcare when patients learn of a life-changing diagnosis, for example.

This is also true on campus. When students enroll in their first semester of nursing, they often find themselves in challenging and confusing transitions. They wrestle with unsettling questions. How do I relate to my professors and classmates? How do I study effectively and efficiently? How do I plan and schedule my day?

tweetI believe that God uses these transitions and their corresponding disequilibria to draw nursing students to himself, which is why I believe so strongly in the power of NSO. So, will you please pray with me that our NCF chapters will boldly reach out to their nursing schools with the gospel during this NSO season? I long to see every nursing student on every campus invited to explore the goodness and grace of Jesus Christ.

May God use NSO to call more and more nursing students into his Kingdom!

Timothy Lin is the NCF Student Ministries Director and Senior Area Director in Kansas with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship.

If you are interested in starting NCF on your campus, email NCF. Find NSO resources here.


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