New JCN column just for APNs

RN, APNWhere can Christian advanced practice nurses (APNs) support one another? The Journal of Christian Nursing now provides a regular column just for APNs.

The APN column debuts with "Defining Our Identity" by Kristene Diggins. She writes, "There are so many reasons we need this. The role of the APN is dynamic and often misunderstood. JCN is a perfect place for Christian APNs to connect with one another, share stories, discuss Christian practice, and offer support for the challenges we face."

K. DigginsShe identifies the ubiquitous confusion over the APN role yet personally rests her identity in Christ. "I know the privilege of serving Christ defines all I do professionally. While the confusion defining APNs may remain, there never will be any confusion that as Christian APNs, we can follow Christ and serve him!"

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