New Beginnings

Kathy Schoonover-Shoffner and Jane HallNCF and I are beginning a new way forward. On June 30 I complete my tenure as NCF Director and turn over the leadership of NCF to Kathy Schoonover-Shoffner.

As I end this season of my career as a nurse, educator and ministry leader, my heart fills with joy to think of the nursing students who are beginning their careers and trusting God for opportunities to give whole-person care with the compassion of Christ. Throughout their careers, they can take advantage of NCF membership and resources to continue Jesus’ transformational work in themselves and in nursing.

I love hearing from NCF staff like Krista Doan who saw one of her students noticeably changed by Jesus this year. Rachel’s love for Christ and commitment to Bible study and discipleship overflowed to others in the NCF chapter at the University of Central Florida.

Krista shared:

“In January, Rachel returned from the Urbana Missions Conference transformed by God’s Word through manuscript study in Matthew. Over the semester, Rachel led us in studying these same passages, and our small group deepened in community as we experienced Jesus through Matthew’s gospel. Everyone experienced transformation, and now we have new leaders for next year who will carry on the NCF legacy of the graduating seniors.”

I’m very thankful for Krista and other staff who help students and nurses to love God and his Word so that others will know him. God uses NCF to transform our views of nursing and our service to him.

NCF has been a gift to me. I have had countless opportunities to remind nurses that God uses us as instruments of his healing. We can be a “sweet aroma”, a fragrance of his care to those who are wounded, broken, and hurting. Nurses can carry encouragement, relief, and the message of Jesus’ healing love and grace to all.

Please continue to help NCF invest in more students and nurses who need gifted staff like Krista to point them to Jesus and to teach them how to give compassionate spiritual care from a Christian, biblical perspective.

Your special support before June 30 is crucial as we end our fiscal year and begin a new season of NCF ministry. Give a gift today to support NCF staff so that next year’s student leaders and nurses will experience God’s life-changing presence in their lives.

Thank you for giving me the privilege of leading NCF, and thank God for his faithfulness to us. I look forward to how I can continue to serve NCF in a volunteer role.

Jane Hall, MS, RN Director, Nurses Christian Fellowship/USA



Jane, Thank you for your service to NCF over the many years and for your encouagement to students and grads. Blessings, Peg Waller

Thanks for your leadership Jane and blessings on this new season. I welcome you Kathy and pray God's rich blessings on your new upcoming role.

Thank you, Jane Hall for your leadership and meaningful blogs. Will miss you, though I believe God's choice of your successor will be fitting for NCF. Bless I God on retirement.

Jane, NCF was so blessed to have your leadership throughout the years you were the Director. I don't know if you remember me but I was the Health Center Administrator at Urbana 2012. I came to know you during that time and the love of Christ was so evident in your life. I know you will be blessed as you pursue your next steps. God has something special for you, I'm sure.

Such beautiful and powerful words. Thanking God for your leadership, compassion, and humor!

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