NCFI World Congress Brings Shalom


In June, 300 nurse leaders from 35 countries gathered in the Philippines for the 2016 World Congress of Nurses Christian Fellowship International. The theme focused on “Healthy Lives in a Broken World: A Christian Nursing Response.”

As Christian nurses, how do we respond to our broken world? What are our personal and professional responsibilities–and our limitations? How do we live the life God created for us– as healthy, holy, and joyful people?

Diverse speakers shared their vision and experiences of living healthy lives in a broken world. Nurses of all generations, as well as students, found opportunities for personal and professional inspiration, sharing, networking, and discussion.

Daily Bible exposition was presented by Rev. Dr. Paul Stevens who raised the question, “What is the good news of the kingdom of God?” He defined the good news as “the life-giving, shalom-bringing, transforming rule of God in people and all of life, including the world.”

Stevens used Luke 9:46-10:42 to present a picture of what it means to be a Christian. “It is traveling with Jesus in a new exodus journey on which we bring kingdom wholeness to people, places and all things,” he said. The participants explored three dimensions of the Kingdom and the implications for our work in the world:

  1. Being Kingdom Ministers: What does it mean to be followers of Jesus today?
  2. Having a Kingdom Heart: How does the ministry of Jesus relate to the nursing profession?
  3. Developing a Kingdom Spirituality: How can we practically thrive—not just survive—in the pressures of caring for people?

What is it like to be a kingdom minister? “It is challenging; it totally demands our all,” Paul Stevens concludes. “It is life-giving to ourselves and others, and it is supremely joyful.”

7toveThe joy overflowed as Tove Giske was introduced as the new president of Nurses Christian Fellowship International. Tove is a professor of nursing in Bergen, Norway. Also acknowledged was the visionary leadership of outgoing NCFI president Barbara White, Dean of Colorado Christian University School of Nursing.

New NCFI board members Carrie Dameron and Amy Rex Smith will join Linda Rieg and Kamalini Kumar from the USA as part of the NCFI board.

Download the presentations from all of the NCFI global speakers. The next NCFI World Congress will be held in Denver, Colorado in 2020.


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