NCFI: Our Global Connection

Tove GiskeIt is my great privilege to serve as the president of Nurses Christian Fellowship International and unite with nurses and midwives who love God and serve others worldwide.

My first NCFI experience was in 1984 at the NCFI international conference in New Delhi, India. I realized that NCFI is a unique fellowship where I could learn, be encouraged, share my expertise, make friends from around the world, and most important—gain insight in what it means to be a Christian nurse.

I am a professor of nursing at VID Specialized University, a Christian university in Bergen, Norway. I serve as director of research and development, teach under- and postgraduate students, and conduct research. My nursing background is in hospital care, and my passion is spiritual care. I have been involved in Norway NCF since 1982 and have served in different roles nationally and regionally in Europe for NCFI.

What is NCFI?

tweetNCFI is an international organization that connects Christian nurses and midwives around the world to equip and encourage them as they live out their faith in clinical practice, leadership, education, and research.

These values define NCFI: Integrity, Respect, Unity, Love and Equity. We build on God's love and care for us, and his work through us, as nursing professionals. Many who have been involved in NCFI through conferences, courses, and workshops, or who have collaborated or networked with students or nurses/midwives in other countries, can testify that these values are at work! In our diversity, we experience unity through Christ and nursing.

NCFI Goals

Through our international work, NCFI labors to achieve seven aims:

  • Encourage Christian nurses and nursing students to live out their faith in compassionate, professional practice.
  • Deepen the spiritual life and cultural awareness of Christian nurses and nursing students.
  • Promote friendship, communication, connection, and collaboration among Christian nurses worldwide.
  • Support the ministry of regional NCFI councils and national NCF organizations.
  • Empower Christian nurses to examine and apply Scripture as it relates to professional practice.
  • Equip and support the development of Christian nurse leaders globally.
  • Represent Christian nursing in the global nursing and healthcare arena.

In the United States, Nurses Christian Fellowship/USA partners with NCFI to promote these aims. NCF provides many opportunities to connect with other Christian nurses and be renewed in your nursing practice.  Find out how you can get involved with NCF locally, nationally and internationally.

--Dr. Tove Giske, RN, MPhil, PhD
President, Nurses Christian Fellowship International

Adapted from NCFI Your Global Connection, published in Journal of Christian Nursing, Jan/Mar 2018, p 10.



Dear President of Nurses Christian Fellowship International,
I am a Thai Christian Nurse Educator who follow NFC Facebook. I always find valuable spiritual support messages or articles. I shared those massages to my colleagues and students and hope they would interested in this network.
Thank you for NCF International to keep us all connected.
Best regards,
Prathana Langkarpint, PhD.
Assistant Professor
McCormick Faculty of Nursing
Payap University
Chiang Mai
Thailand 500

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