NCF Vision Night Bears Fruit

This summer a group of NCF students, staff, alumni, faculty and friends gathered to celebrate God's ongoing work in western Michigan. "Recently we established NCF chapters at two nursing schools where students studied God's Word together and discovered what it looks like to be a follower of Jesus in nursing," said Curt Keiper, Area Director for InterVarsity.


Curt shared his vision for hundreds of students to be involved in NCF in west Michigan within 3-5 years. The group prayed for more staff and volunteers, the right resources, and the leading of the Holy Spirit to grow the ministry.

Sage Owens, a nursing student at Aquinas College, is leading a Bible study this fall as part of the new NCF group there. She heard moving stories of NCF pioneer Carol Anderson who recounted how the ministry of NCF has grown over the years. "Often we do not get to say thank you to past generations for the platform they built for us with decades of prayer and faithfulness," Sage said. "That night, countless stories of God's guidance gave us fervor for the vision ahead."

NCF member Tina Griswold, RN, was inspired to serve God by investing in the lives of eager students, saying, "They are thirsty to know God, grow in grace, and learn how to pursue his calling in their lives through their vocation of compassion and caring." Campus volunteer Claire DeHaan, who is moving to Chicago for graduate school, has been instrumental in starting the new groups.

As a new school year begins, please support NCF Student Ministry with a financial donation.


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