NCF Nurse Group Bonds in Monterey

612012bayIn 1997 Alex Cruz-Tokar got a group of nurses together at a church in Monterey, California and started an NCF group. It has been meeting ever since.

"Around that time I met with Mary Thompson (former NCF Director) and Diane Stegmeir (former NCF staff). They really encouraged me." said Alex. "The main thing that I like about our group is sharing with other colleagues. We are connected through our work and by how God intervenes in our lives."

"We can express feelings and not feel judged," said Bertha Birner. "It is so good to encourage each other in our walk with God."

"What I value about our NCF meetings is how much we have in common as Christian nurses even though we work in different nursing settings," said Janell Malek. "Nursing for us is more than just a job. It has greatly impacted the way we approach problems, view our purpose and respond to the needs of others. We all deal with the challenges of patient advocacy, over-burdened and underfunded health care systems and the threat of burnout. When we discuss these issues in the light of God's Word, there is a level of support and encouragement that cannot be found any other way."

Diane Stegmeir commented, "It's good to share our nursing experiences with other nurses in a Bible study because non-nurses just don't understand the challenges that nurses face in their work."

Alex reports that the group is currently studying the Handbook for Caring People. They're finding that nurses have spiritual needs as well, not just their patients. The members of the NCF group are looking to Jesus to provide healing and health for all those they care for, starting with themselves.



I believe that people who have similar experiences help and encourage each other by sharing their experiences. Therefore, the NCF group is definitely an empowering initiative taken by the nurses and there is no better way to share experiences than doing so from a religious perspective.

WOW, the testimonies blessed me so! Thanks for sharing.

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