NCF at NSNANSNA Update #2:

Students at NSNA are hungry for spiritual support and direction. I'm at the Lippincott booth and when they discover the Journal of Christian Nursing, most say, "Wow! I need this journal!" One student said, "I have so many questions about how to help my patients. I see they have spiritual questions and are afraid."

Students want to know how to integrate their faith with their practice. Another student asked, "Can we talk about God with our patients?" Pray for nursing students who are seeking answers! Thank God for his wisdom that we can share through NCF and JCN that will meet their spiritual needs and the needs of their patients.

NCF at NSNANSNA Update #3

What an amazing BUSY day! The LWW booth was swamped with students & faculty wanting journals . . . and finding JCN and NCF! Talked with 6 students about NCF and they want to start groups at their schools; met several who have NCF groups; encouraged students who want to write for JCN (yeah!). Prayed with a student who is discouraged and feels under attack -- what an honor! Pray for God's continued presence (and that I don't lose my voice . . .).


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