NCF Fall Chapter Planting

fall plantingPraise God for the students and faculty at more than 30 schools who are praying about starting or reactivating NCF chapters this fall. Join us in asking God to build a vibrant, growing witness to Jesus in these schools of nursing so that others may also know him and follow his example of radical love and whole-person care as nurses.

NCF staff Bonnie Hann communicates through email and online with many of our NCF student and nurse groups, encouraging them with resources and networking. This week she spoke on "Stress in the Life of a Nursing Student" with the NCF group at UW-Madison School of Nursing. "We studied Mark 1 to look at the stressors in Jesus' life and how he handled them," Bonnie said. "Jesus was in constant demand, yet he still took the time to compassionately see people as individuals in need. He also took time to spend with God so he could keep caring for others." The students talked about how Jesus can help them with stress in their lives.

We thank the Lord for what he is doing in the lives of nursing students this semester!


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