NCF Changed My Life

7122016patNurses Christian Fellowship has been an integral part of my life since nursing school when I was introduced to Jesus Christ and began to understand my need for a personal relationship with him.

That was nearly 45 years ago and my relationship to Jesus Christ has grown and flourished, largely due to the training and mentoring I received from NCF staff in the formative years of my walk with Christ.

I am grateful that evangelism and discipleship have always been two of the primary purposes of NCF and InterVarsity. I believe NCF has a dynamic role to play in our profession as we help nurses and nursing students know Jesus Christ personally and equip them to grow in their faith.

I am so pleased that Kathy Schoonover-Shoffner is the new director for NCF. She is the right person for such a time as this in NCF, and God will use Kathy to further his Kingdom-building work among nurses, students and educators.

Pat Emery Hixon, MSN, RN NCF National Director, 2007-2009

Support NCF ministry with a donation so that more students and nurses will be influenced by the life-changing message of the gospel of Jesus.



I agree with Pat's comments that NCF Intervasity does help many of nurses across the WORLD to change their view point and see nursing as a mission/calling and the reading materials are great help. I read the issues and share the print with many Pakistani Christian nurses. I pray if I can do further more for NCF Intervasity from other parts of the world with different culture. However our prayers for their unique work and contributions to our spiritual life. Many blessings and Congrats to NCF staff/family.

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