NCF Bible Study Resources

NCF Bible StudiesWhether you're in nursing school or in nursing practice, we hope you're growing in your spiritual development. Here are some tools to equip you for personal or group Bible study and strengthen your faith in the Lord:

What's Vital? Following Jesus in Nursing: The final four Bible studies in this 12-study series are now available. Invite other nurses or nursing students to explore the Scriptures with you through a nursing lens.

Applying the Bible to Nursing: Learn it and Live it!Here is a list of questions that can be applied to any Scripture passage or Bible study for those in nursing. Keep these questions handy in your Bible for any time you're reading the Word of God.

How do you lead a Bible study? Check out the Inductive Bible Study Bookmark – a handy guide with tips on how to observe, interpret and apply God's Word.

May these NCF resources enhance your Bible study opportunities as you integrate faith and nursing – for the glory of God!



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