Before the Miracle

A close friend of Jesus had been dead four days when he asked Lazarus' sister, Martha, to open the tomb (see John 11). She knew the risks were great – along with the odor.

"What I find most remarkable is that Martha had the guts, the bravado, to remove the stone from Lazarus' grave," writes Kathy Schoonover Shoffner in her recent JCN editorial, Rolling Away Stones. What if Martha had refused, been too cautious, or too afraid?

"This causes me to wonder, what stones might God want me to remove? What things have I sealed off from him?" Kathy asks. "What attitudes need to change, what hurts need to be healed? What barriers keep God from doing something extraordinary that we can't possibly imagine until he points it out?"

Kathy encourages us to consider Martha's faith and be willing to roll away some big rocks so that we, too, can believe God for unexpected miracles. Read the free article, Rolling Away Stones, from the Journal of Christian Nursing, April – June 2011.

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