Mentoring Student Nurses: the Joy of an NCF Volunteer

NCF at UNCGMiriam Robinson's joy overflows when she talks about how God is working in the NCF group at the University of North Carolina – Greensboro. Miriam is a staff volunteer with NCF. She meets weekly with a Bible study group of 10-15 students who are using the What's Vital? studies on the biblical basis for nursing as ministry.

After one Bible study from John 15, one student tearfully told Miriam, "I needed to hear everything you had to say about remaining in Jesus. I almost didn't come today, but I believe God wanted me here."

Hannah is a motivated sophomore who is excited about the NCF group at UNCG. Last semester Hannah attended an NCF conference on Spiritual Care which gave her a vision for nursing as ministry. Now she is learning more about God's call in her life as a nurse. "Before this semester, I wasn't 100% sure that nursing was for me," Hannah said. "But after being involved in NCF and learning how I can use my major for ministry, I feel like I am where I need to be."

Miriam is praying that NCF students will build strong relationships and rely on each other for support, prayer and encouragement in nursing school. She longs to see nursing students transformed by Jesus so that the NCF community will further God's kingdom at UNCG. "It's sometimes hard and exhausting, but I love what I'm doing," she said. "I want to be sensitive to the Spirit's leading so I can always point students to the Lord."

If you would like to mentor nursing students near you, contact NCF.


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