Meet Our New Student Ministries Director

Tim Lin Head shotNurses Christian Fellowship is pleased to announce the appointment of Timothy Lin as NCF Student Ministries Director beginning August 15, 2016.

Tim believes wholeheartedly in the ministry of NCF. "I am excited to join the NCF team!” Tim said. “We are dreaming together about how God can expand the influence of NCF in more nursing schools, and we can't wait to see what God will do!”

 “Thrilled doesn’t even begin to describe how delighted we are to work with Tim as the Student Ministries Director,” said Kathy Schoonover-Shoffner, NCF National Director. “Tim has a strong history of developing nursing students in the Central Region. He brings expertise and knowledge that will grow NCF student ministry and move us forward into the future!”

Tim is working with NCF in addition to his role as an InterVarsity Senior Area Director supervising campus ministry in Kansas.

Tim appreciates NCF for its razor-sharp focus on preparing nursing students to integrate faith and vocation so they are ready to make a difference in the world as Christian nurses. He sees that NCF offers students a clear and compelling vision for how to love God and serve others by offering competent, holistic care in their nursing practice.

“I am stepping into this new role because I long for more nursing students to have the opportunity to place their faith in Jesus Christ and to recognize the natural ways their faith impacts their vocation.” Tim said. “I long for more nursing schools to host safe spaces where students can see for themselves how Jesus is not only the great physician but the good nurse—for them, for their classmates, and for their patients. And I long for more nurses to practice living out their faith while in nursing school so they are prepared to become lifelong kingdom people in healthcare.”

“Please join us in thanking God for providing Tim to lead NCF ministry with nursing students and nurse educators!” Kathy said. “Tim is an experienced, visionary leader. We are excited about what lies ahead as Tim embraces this new role.”

8232016timfamily Tim lives in Kansas with his wife and two children.


Support Tim's vision of God's work among nursing students with a gift to NCF Student Ministries.    



Tim will help NCF reach MORE nursing students on campuses across the country! Thank you, Tim, for joining the NCF staff team. And thanks to God for sustaining all of NCF ministry as it fulfills its calling to bring Jesus to students, nurses and nursing.

Excited to see a man join our ministry to all students. We need much more diversity in the ministry, enough to reflect the Body of Christ, and the world.

Dear Tim accept our heartiest warm wishes and congrats for joining NCF and I pray that I may be able to connect you with many Pakistani Christian nursing students as well. May God take care of you and family. Jacoline Sommer-Vice President NCFP and Branch Coordinator Islamabad -Pakistan

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