Looking for a Good Investment?

5172012studentIt's hard to find a good investment these days, but here's one we think you'll like. We just crunched the numbers on our NCF student chapters for the school year, and we're bursting with delight at the growth God has provided.

Praise God for every one of the 2,408 students involved in NCF groups this year, a 58% increase from the previous school year! Of course, we don't just look at the numbers. It's important that every NCF student develops deeper roots of faith, character and witness for the Lord Jesus. We're heavily invested in this process of spiritual transformation for all nursing students.

"The number of NCF student chapters is on the rise as well," said Bonnie Hann, NCF Campus Liaison. "This year 99 chapters reported meeting, a 7.6% increase over last year. Nursing students who develop a caring community on campus multiply their effectiveness in living out the gospel with their peers in nursing school."

Will you consider investing in the ongoing ministry of NCF? Your financial support provides staff mentoring, spiritual training, leadership development and resources for nursing students and nurses following Christ. Please give online to NCF student ministry. It's a good investment! Thanks!


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