Knowing What’s Vital

What's Vital?If you’re looking for Bible studies relevant to nursing, try What's Vital? Following Jesus in Nursing. The topics integrate faith, nursing and spiritual care.

Download all 12 Bible studies for individual reflection or for a discussion group on campus or in your community. Invite your friends, classmates or co-workers to explore the Bible with you and discover the riches of God’s grace and truth for themselves.

In 2012, an NCF student chapter started at Texas Woman’s University in Dallas, TX. Cynthia Bain, MSN, RN is an Assistant Clinical Professor who began the group with a goal to “marry” her faith with her career through an NCF community in the school of nursing. She went to the NCF website to review the resources there.

“To my delight, I found the online Bible studies, What's Vital? Following Jesus in Nursing,” Cynthia said. “I read several of them and couldn't believe how well-written they were. They touched my heart.”

Cynthia used one of the studies at the first NCF meeting last year. The students now use the Bible studies each semester as a devotional guide. They often leave copies for the students to take home for personal reflection.

“These Bible studies always open up a forum for lively discussion,” Cynthia said. “I am thankful for a wonderful resource to reflect God's love to patients in the students’ nursing clinical rotations -- and beyond!”


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