The Joy of Planting New Groups

treeHarvest season is coming for farmers but it’s planting season for Nurses Christian Fellowship this fall.

As a new school year gets underway, NCF student leaders and faculty advisors will be busily inviting and recruiting students to join their chapters. I’m particularly mindful of the student leaders who are launching NCF on their campus for the first time in the season ahead.

McKinsea is a student leader at the University of Arkansas–Fayetteville. Though U of A has plenty of campus ministries, McKinsea recognized that none of them were reaching the nursing school. She sensed God inviting her to start an NCF chapter on campus. Will you pray for McKinsea as she reaches out to her classmates this fall?

Brooklynn is an NCF leader at Western Kentucky University. She knows many nursing students who would identify as Christian, but their Christianity has little, if any, impact on their lives. Brooklynn especially has noticed that her friends in nursing school place their entire significance and identity on their nursing career instead of in Jesus Christ. This fall, she is committed to bringing NCF to campus! Will you pray for Brooklynn as she shares about NCF with her classmates?

tweetStarting new groups is not easy, so last year we launched the first-ever NCF chapter planting grant program. NCF provided funding for eight InterVarsity staff to plant NCF ministries at nearby campuses. As a result, we have seen seven new nursing student ministries start, with a few more preparing to launch in the fall. Currently we have 108 student chapters and our goal is to grow to 200 chapters by 2020.

Here are two stories of how we have seen God at work:

  • At Des Moines Area Community College (DMACC, Iowa), InterVarsity staff Amanda secured a meeting with a professor and dean at the School of Nursing. Apparently, they were familiar with NCF. Before Amanda could say anything, they tried to convince her why she needed to bring NCF to campus! The Holy Spirit is clearly orchestrating something at DMACC!
  • At Adelphi University (New York), InterVarsity staff Joanne led an NCF Bible study for nursing students about putting their identity in Christ. This was eye-opening as students realized their identity in Christ does not change with what they do or how they perform. A student credited this study for helping her surrender her academic performance anxiety over to God. Praise God for how he is discipling students to become nurses rooted in Christ!

We are launching Year 2 of our chapter planting grants this fall. Will you pray that funding will come in to make this program possible? If you are interested in contributing toward these $1,000 grants, please donate here.

We are grateful for InterVarsity/NCF staff who are starting NCF chapters at nursing schools and we thank God for a growing ministry with nursing students. May God provide an abundant harvest of nursing students who will blossom into nurses who love and serve him!

Timothy Lin is the NCF Student Ministries Director and Senior Area Director in Kansas with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship.



I am a NCFI-NG representative for Africa and have seen God at work through opening of NCF group in Nursing Schools for students. Two weeks ago we where at the nursing school here in Zambia doing a ZNCF weekend conference for more than 200 student. The group was started almost 10 years ago by a man who is not a nurse professionary but very passionate about nurses.

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