Joining NCF staff

Miriam RobinsonMiriam Robinson, RN, describes the spiritual needs she sees in nursing students and why she wants to be campus minister with Nurses Christian Fellowship.

As a college student, several InterVarsity staff mentors were influential in my spiritual growth. Because of my relationship with them, I am the woman I am today. They pointed me to the Lord, but they weren’t nurses, so I saw this need for nursing students to have mentors in the Lord who also understand the nursing world and Why I’m coming on NCF staffhealthcare.

So I’m excited about coming on NCF staff because I can be that person for nursing students. I can be a campus minister who also understands healthcare and what it’s like to be a nurse and how to point my patients to the Lord. Watch Miriam’s video, “Why I’m coming on NCF staff.”

A vision for nursing students

My vision for the nursing students I work with is that they will have a passion to see their campus come to know the Lord, and their hearts will be broken for those who don’t know the Lord yet.

A barrier that gets in the way of this is that nursing students believe they don’t have enough time to devote to anything aside from nursing school. They get really bogged down by the stresses of nursing school.

One reason I’m so passionate about working with nursing students is because I was stressed as well as a nursing student. But I learned to not let that stress control me and be all-consuming. I learned to bring that stress to the Lord, and to meet the Lord in that stress.

Although nursing school was a priority of mine, it wasn’t the only one. My priority was to see my classmates come to know the Lord as I had and to know how much he loves them, then really fall in love with him in return. Watch Miriam’s video, “My Vision for Nursing Students.”

A passion for NCF ministry

I am so excited about NCF and passionate about the ministry because in nursing school students can learn how to take care of their patients’ spiritual needs. We are developing world-changers so that when they graduate and they’re at the bedside and on their hospital units, they’ll be trained and equipped to point their patients to the Lord as the ultimate healer. Watch Miriam’s video, “A Passion for NCF Ministry.”

Miriam Robinson works part-time as a staff nurse and part-time with nursing students at the University of North Carolina Greensboro. Join Miriam’s team of ministry partners.


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