Jesus in the Clinic

HeatherAs a nurse in urban health, Heather Cutillo, R.N., lives out God’s love in tangible ways through her work in clinics that serve the homeless, the uninsured, and the afflicted in the inner city.

Years ago, Heather responded to God’s calling as she saw how urban health centers can be a support network for those without one. Heather sees her work as an opportunity to model Jesus’ incarnational love.

The work is often discouraging, but Heather’s antidote for burnout comes from a supportive faith community and the spiritual strength she receives from daily time with God. She first learned about the importance of having a daily quiet time in Scripture and prayer in nursing school as a member of Nurses Christian Fellowship. “I really appreciate the emphasis on discipleship and developing my relationship with God that I got from NCF.”

Heather has a global influence as she helps manage the online ministry of Nurses Christian Fellowship International (NCFI).  She regularly communicates with nurses all over the world who request information about NCFI ministry.

Read more of Heather’s calling and passion for urban health ministry in the InterVarsity news article, “Jesus in the Clinic.”


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