It’s a Three-Day Story

from silence to HopeWe acknowledge the suffering and death of Jesus on the cross on Good Friday. Then we celebrate with joy his resurrected life on Easter Sunday. But what do we do on Saturday?

“Nobody saw Sunday coming,” Ortberg said in a keynote message at InterVarsity’s National Staff Conference. His words brought hope to those currently experiencing disappointment, hurt or hardship.

“What is your Saturday?” Ortberg asks. “Life is hard. Jesus never said, ‘Follow me and the way will be easy.’ He is there, wherever you are, even on Saturday.”

If life is tough and God seems silent, you’re not alone. And remember, Sunday is coming!


Rev. John OrtbergThis talk is an NCF staff favorite and we hope you will be encouraged by John Ortberg’s stirring message.Download MP3 audio or watch the video from NCF/InterVarsity’s National Staff Conference on 1/9/2014.



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