Imagining Catastrophe

PrayingHave you ever spent a sleepless night rehashing a list of “what ifs” or worst-case scenarios?  Adele Calhoun’s recent article in The Well, "An Invitation from God: Healing from Catastrophic Thinking," offers tips to help you get back to a healthy balance when you're feeling overwhelmed or worried.

When worst-case scenarios flooded her, Adele began to look for the “invitation” God might have for her in the midst of too much to do.

"My thoughts and feelings are a lot like weather," Adele writes. One minute they are hurricane force gales; the next, blissful summer breezes. So I purposely reminded myself that I was much more than the sum total of my thoughts or feelings. I am, in my deepest self, God’s beloved."

If you're plagued by catastrophic thinking, take a moment to read this article and start 2012 with a more secure foundation to deal with life's tumultuous challenges – real or imagined.


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