From the Heart of JCN

From the Heart JCN CollectionFrom the Heart is a collection of 27 stories of nursing care and compassion that communicate the heart of great nursing. They are being made available for free from the Journal of Christian Nursing during the month of February. Each short vignette will warm and encourage your heart! Share these stories with the nurses in your group and encourage them to share their own person experiences of special instances of care for their patients.



NCF Round Top retreat, Texas, surpassed all expectations again! This was our 20 year celebration of this retreat, and the topic was God's "crazy love"! the main scripture was Jn3:16 and the speakers, and small groups were amazing. The music, provided by Taylor, as usual, was over the top praise and worship. Food and accomadations, as usual were suberb! It's so fun to see Round Top and NCF thru the eyes of newcomers. One comment "i finally found a place where I belong~!" another person said "this is an oasis in the desert!" If you haven't tasted Texas hospitality yet, make plans to join us next Feb - always the first wkend! Lots of "heart" stories here!~

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