In a groove - or a rut?

Road with rutsAre you in a groove with Jesus -- or in a rut without him? You don't hear people say "groovy" much anymore. We used to say it when we liked something or we were comfortable with how life was going.

Today people often talk about being "in a groove" as a comfortable pattern of thinking or behavior that keeps them moving in the right direction. But a groove is still shallow enough that you have to move slowly and deliberately to stay in it. Being in a groove is not the same as being in a rut, which makes me think of being stuck in a deep trench and feeling bored, or even desperate, with no opportunity for change.

Walking with Jesus is a "groovy" kind of experience that requires concentration, patience, and ongoing evaluation, but it isn't boring or stagnant. In Colossians 3:12-17, Paul gives a strategy for a daily "groove" so we can live for God and be more like Jesus:

  • Imitate Christ's compassionate, forgiving attitude.
  • Let love guide all of our thoughts and actions.
  • Let Christ's peace influence the choices we make.
  • Be thankful always.
  • Base our lives and what we teach others to do on God’s Word.
  • Honor Christ in all we do, living as his earthly representatives.

Talk to Jesus about your situation; he's more than eager to help you find the right groove, and stay in it. The Bible tells us over and over again that we must make a conscious decision to let Christ live within us and shape us to be more like him.

NCF is committed to helping you discover and adopt moral and ethical behaviors that are grounded in God's truth and reflect the light of Christ. We pray that you are receiving the encouragement and guidance that you need to mature as a student or a nurse who follows Jesus personally and professionally. Join us in praying that God will bring his love and truth to more students and nurses in the years ahead!

--by Jane Hall, NCF National Director



I am so excited that you are opening this new avenue up; it makes sense to have the blessing of other nurses comments by email/blog; I pray that this is an awesome, active, and blessed site. God bless you!

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