The Gift of Comfort

irellaRecently an NCF member shared how God led her to care for a patient just diagnosed with cancer. Irielle was in the room when the doctor spoke briefly with the stunned patient, handed her a box of tissues, and left. "I wondered what I could do or say to comfort this woman," Irielle said. "I wanted to walk out, but God encouraged me to ask her if I could pray for her. She said yes."

"God gives us divine appointments with our patients and it is up to us to speak life into hopeless, worrisome situations," Irielle believes. "As nurses, we have to show God’s love, compassion and mercy to those under our care!"

Irielle is a 2008 graduate who served as the NCF chapter president at her nursing school.



Thanks so much for the feedback, insight, and encouragement-Lucille and Rose! God is so amazing! Obedience is definitely better than sacrifice. We have to remain kingdom-minded!

Amen Cindy! You are right, hearing God's voice and obeying takes practice. God revealed Truth to me, so in finding Truth-I found my purpose. Obedience goes hand in hand with dying to your flesh is not easy, but has to be done for God's glory to manifest. I am nothing with out the Lord...where I am weak...He makes me strong! I am grateful for His strength, patience, wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. The Holy Spirit comforts and guides you in situations.

Irielle, That type of courage is also God given. It was because you first pondered how you could make a difference that you then found that difference you could make. Hearing God's voice and obeying takes practice, yet only intensifies our relationship with Him and others.

Irielle, you stepped up to the plate and gave this patient the most important things, comfort and hope. I trust this will encourage you to follow your heart in similar situations. I faced like situations as a visiting nurse and, believe me, there was no where to run to !! The patients were so appreciative of a listening ear and prayer support. I'm so proud of you.

Irielle, I believe you were where God wanted you so that you could pray with that patient. I know in my own experience God put me in the rooms just so that I could encourage my patients by word or by prayer. God Bless you and continue to use you.

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