Gathering Nurses Together in Christ

AtlantaThis year marks the 70th anniversary of Nurses Christian Fellowship. Throughout our long history, thousands of nurses, nursing students and educators have discovered a deeper and richer relationship with God that fuels their faith and nursing practice.

Many nurses have found support and encouragement through local NCF groups that meet to study Scripture and pray for each other. Here are recent stories from some of our group leaders.

Natalie arrived in Atlanta, Georgia last year with a desire to lead a local group for nurses. Today the Atlanta NCF group provides a place of support and spiritual growth for young nurses. Natalie reminds us, “Nursing is not just a job; it’s a ministry!”

tweetJailu is the leader of the NCF group in Hawaii who said, “Our nurses in clinical practice hunger for fellowship. We meet every month in SPA gatherings: Study, Pray, Act. We text prayers and scripture readings every day to encourage each other.” Jailu is experiencing a serious health problem, yet she finds joy in providing leadership for the group.

Lisa and Lana led the NCF nurse group in Delaware to raise funds to give a $500 scholarship to a nursing student during an event celebrating National Nurses Week. Applicants wrote essays on how they will use their Christian values in their nursing practice. “The winner, Leekieshia, is in an MSN-FNP program and she is very deserving of our scholarship,” Lisa said. “She is a great example of the hands and feet of Christ in her nursing practice.”

Laginia (Gene) entered nursing decades ago to be a missionary nurse and came to the U.S. to work as a nurse. During a time of career crisis, she attended an NCF workshop and met Grace Wallace, former NCF national director. Gene remembers, “Through Grace’s mentoring, I had a renewed spiritual perspective and remained in nursing. Grace pointed out that my work is where God wants me to serve him, not necessarily in the mission field.” Today Gene is one of the leaders of the NCF group in New York City and encourages other young nurses in their faith and practice. problem, yet she finds joy in providing leadership for the group.

Tara is a nurse at an outpatient cancer center in Idaho. This year she used the online NCF Bible study materials to start a weekly study in her workplace. The group members tell her, "This is the best part of my week" and "I love starting my day this way." Tara said, “Our workplace Bible study has truly been a light in the dark for me and so many others. Thank you, NCF, for helping my faith grow and for enabling me to reach and teach others.”

Are you wanting to connect with other Christian nurses? Find out if there is a local NCF group near you, or consider starting an NCF group for nurses in your community.



Truly excited to become a part of this great mission. I am currently working with a few fellow nurses to establish a chapter in Augusta Georgia. I work in the burn ICU at Doctors Hospital. Any direction would be welcomed.

Lillie Giras RN

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