Gambian nursing students faithful under pressure

The GambiaWhile we await the Supreme Court's decision about religious freedom for Christian student groups like NCF, we take heart from persecuted nursing students at the University of Gambia. They are meeting early in the morning to pray about their government's recent decision to have only ONE Christian student group on campus.  All others are dissolved.

As a result of this severe limitation, IFES staff reports that students are becoming "more open to the great need of personal Bible study and consistent prayer life." He adds, "Join us in praying for unity amongst Christian students, but not at the expense of maintaining scriptural integrity." They are working to develop good training resources to put in the hands of student leaders.



I appreciate the faithfulness of the Gambian nursing student. Thank you for posting this message which God is using as a reminder me to pray for them and nurses around the world being asked to compromise their faith and witness to patients. Recently passed legislation as well as institutional policies are threatening Christian nurses freedom to practice nursing according to their beliefs. I know that I must keep very grounded in the word and "abiding in Christ." My hope is that Chistian nurses in the US will follow the Gambian nurses example of coming together to pray and support one anotoher.

Persecution is part of being a Christian. Even Jesus whom Christian's follow was persecuted by his own people. There is even an account on his preaching on the Mount about being blessed when someone persecuted you because of your faith. Personally I believe that where God leads He will always provides. Where God leads you there in that school, He will always provide for you to stay and grow. I'm two thumbs up to you guys, not many nursing students in medical uniforms can do that; to fight for your faith despite oppositions. Hope God will give you strength, joy and peace till the end. God bless you.

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