Focusing on the Vision

Renee, Jane and Fran

by Jane Hall, NCF Director

When I was 8, my parents noticed that I had a vision problem. Everything was blurry, and I’ve worn glasses since then for 20/20 vision. Today, I don’t need glasses to see the vision for NCF that God has given our staff, but do I need strong faith and confidence in Christ to know where he is leading us.

Our NCF vision is to see more nursing students transformed by Christ, their campuses to be places where Christ is exalted, and for nurses to be Christ’s agents for change in the world. Thank you for your role in this mission! Here are some ways we are fulfilling our vision:

  • Last fall, Renee Lick (left), Fran McHolm (right), and I reviewed the NCF core curriculum that we use to minister to students, develop mentoring resources, and orient new staff.
  • Renee Lick spoke to students and recent grads in North Carolina about the basics of spiritual care and how nursing is ministry.
  • In October and November, I took part in InterVarsity's leadership meetings to refine the next 5-year Strategic Plan. NCF partners with our InterVarsity colleagues to fulfill this vision by growing student ministry on campus through evangelism and discipleship, and using social media and the Journal of Christian Nursing to influence students and nurses for Christ.
  • We're eager to see what God will do at the Round Top conference in Texas Feb. 3-5, 2012. Our 20th annual gathering will focus on Crazy Love: What? So What? Now What?

We thank God for vibrant NCF ministries on campus, among nurses, and through the communication tools of JCN and social media.

Our vision is secure, but we do struggle sometimes to see exactly how it will become reality. Please pray that we will live by faith, not by sight (2 Cor. 5:7). Thank you for your prayers and financial gifts that provide the foundation for the ministry of NCF, along with God’s grace and guidance.



I really appreciate the clarity of the vision with examples of how it is being fulfilled through a variety of strategies. Students are being challenged to experience the difference Jesus can make in every area of their lives including the care of patients. One-on-one discipleship, blogs, conferences, online as well as printed articles, and small groups demonstrate the diversity of strategies being used. May God continue to call and students respond to Jesus transforming power in their lives.

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