Finding Hope in the Midst of Depression

When Life Goes DarkWhat can be done to help those suffering with depression? Psychiatrist and theologian Richard Winter examines the medical, psychological and spiritual issues surrounding depression in his latest book, When Life Goes Dark, new from InterVarsity Press.

The author explores the complex medical and psychological issues surrounding depression. He sorts through recent scientific research on its biochemical and genetic causes and examines social and cultural factors. Winter also dispels common Christian misunderstandings of depression and looks at how biblical characters experienced severe despair. Throughout, he offers help for the suffering and hope for healing and deliverance.

The book addresses some of these questions:

  • What does the disorder of depression encompass?
  • How does someone find contentment? How does this relate to the Bible?
  • How do chemistry, genes and biology affect the impact of depression?
  • How can early childhood affect a person’s mood in later years?
  • In what ways might there be a “satanic influence” on moods and experiences?

We recommend this book as a helpful guide for those who find themselves, their loved ones or those they counsel vulnerable to depression. When Life Goes Dark offers a framework both for understanding depression and for rediscovering hope.


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