Fall Praise and Prayer

pretty boxesContainers of all sizes and colors are stacked at stores, ready for college students to buy and fill them. I find it tempting to store stuff in cute containers, but there's something we should never put in a box, and that's our view of God. A.W. Tozer described God as boundless, unlimited, and infinite—there's no way that we can measure Him or contain Him. However, when we fail to know His true character or walk closely with Him, we might as well be putting Him in a box and closing the lid.

This fall, student leaders and faculty advisors will not be putting God in a box! They are planning to start 16 new campus ministry groups and reactivate 17 groups. Pray for a bold witness for Jesus and transformed lives at these schools. Ask God to guide leaders Read more...

Please join us in prayer for NCF ministry – see our Praise & Prayer Guide for Fall 2010.

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