Faculty Advisors Make a Difference!

Faculty Advisor of the YearI am truly humbled and honored to be chosen as the first NCF Faculty Advisor of the Year.

When a package from NCF arrived at my home in April, I was baffled. Tumbling out of the package was a Starbucks gift card, a pound of Starbucks coffee, A Nurse with an Alabaster Jar, and two copies of the Journal of Christian Nursing.

I found enclosed two letters congratulating me and telling me how students had nominated me. I read them to my husband and tears came to my eyes. One of the nursing students who nominated me described qualities she saw in me. It was a wonderful confirmation of the Christian witness I so desire to show to those around me as I "let my light shine."

For more than 13 years I have been the advisor of the NCF group at Georgia Perimeter College. I am continually blessed as I watch how God has worked in the lives of so many students. It is a joy to serve my Lord by ministering to these wonderful nursing students. Their faith is an inspiration and encouragement to me! I praise the LORD that I can openly pray with students and can be a vessel of God's love to them, as well as with faculty and staff at my school.

The last several years the Lord has brought students to take on leadership roles. We have seen the group grow in numbers, their commitment to the Lord, to each other and reaching out to fellow classmates.

For this fall, we are developing "Encouragement Boxes" for various nursing labs. We'll provide a box of small cards with affirmations and scripture "addresses." Any student who needs a word of encouragement can pick up a card for themselves or to share with a classmate who needs a word of encouragement. A Bible will be next to the box to allow students an opportunity to look up the Bible verse reference.

Thank you, NCF!


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