Epiphany: Celebrating God's Precious Gift

MagiWhat were the first gifts given in worship to Jesus, God's Son? The wise men brought gifts suitable for a king: gold (a rare and precious metal), plus frankincense and myrrh, both valuable resins from dried tree sap. Even today, frankincense and myrrh are mixed with spices, seeds and roots to create aromatic incense. These ancient travelers show us that Jesus is worthy of our praise and gifts -- not just material items, but gifts of our time, our energy and our hearts.

As we give to support God's work in the world, we enter into the life-changing story of the gospel. The mission of NCF is to deliver that joyous message to nursing students and nurses who are seeking peace with God through Jesus, the ultimate gift.

Will you join this life-changing mission with a contribution to NCF? Honestly, we need your support! Your financial gift will help us meet our year-end ministry expenses -- and launch us into a wider ministry to nurses and students in 2011. Please, give now. Give here. I thank you from my heart!

by Jane Hall, NCF Director

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