Don’t Look Back

Urbana12 Nursing Student GroupThis is my final year of nursing school at Bloomsburg University (PA), so Urbana 12 was fertile soil to consider how my career as a nurse fits with God’s mission.

The worship times at Urbana spoke to my heart and set my spirit free. I feel like I'm transitioning into a new kind of dependence on God. I’m relying on him to carry me through everything by praying to him and delighting in my time with him.

The conference continued what I learned in Mark 2 at Chapter Camp last summer about choosing to partner with God in his mission, no matter what the cost. I was especially struck with Luke 9:62: "Jesus replied, 'No one who puts a hand to the plow and looks back is fit for service in the kingdom of God.'”

I remember reading that verse and being moved by it in December of my freshman year of college. Now, as a senior, I'm reminded to commit to God's mission as I'm getting ready to transition into a new stage of life soon. At Urbana I met with two mission agencies that have potential to join if I want to pursue Latin American medical missions. I really enjoyed talking with both exhibitors!

LizzieAt Urbana, I loved being a part of the small group of leaders with Nurses Christian Fellowship. It was both eye-opening and encouraging to reflect and share about what God is doing in the nursing student culture on campuses across the country.

God is on a mission, and I’m joining him!

--Lizzie Lee is a student leader in the NCF group at Bloomsburg U in PA. 


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