Connecting with God at Camp

Chapter CampIn May we asked people to pray for nursing students who are renewing their spiritual lives in Christ by attending InterVarsity Chapter Camps. Your prayers have been answered! Here is a report from one student, Kristin, who is a leader in her NCF campus group in Pennsylvania.

Going to Chapter Camp was the breath of fresh air that I needed at the end of a demanding semester. I also volunteered to serve as the camp nurse which gave me the opportunity to use the nursing skills that I had been taught in school. More important, I learned what it meant to put patients before myself.

Chapter Camp was spiritually refreshing. In the mornings, the structured quiet times gave me specific time with God that can be difficult to find as a nursing major. The free time in the afternoons fostered relationships with old and new friends as I met students from area campuses that I can count on to pray for me. I loved the sense of community that developed among us after a nearby tornado destroyed part of the camp and we adjusted to a power outage.

I enjoyed our Bible studies with other nursing students from different campuses and I learned from their insights. As I reflected on Mark’s gospel and what I was learning, I thought about this past year when I had questioned things in my life. God used my structured quiet times with Him to put my heart at ease and remind me that He is in control. This was reinforced when I met someone in my study group who was having the same doubts that I had. God put me in a spot to encourage this person as an amazing part of His plan.

tweetThrough our large-group studies in Mark, we became a family--even enjoying regular dance parties to keep our brains focused. Our meeting room became our camp home so we all left our shoes at the door.

One day, a friend of mine came into the room and yelled that I was needed as the camp nurse. I ran out of the meeting so quickly I forgot to put on my shoes. I followed him to find a camper that was having difficulty breathing and I used my nursing skills to administer a nebulizer treatment—barefoot! I gave the camper some laughs as I peeled leaves off my feet in the process.

Later in the week we all gathered together and talked about identities. My friend Hannah heard my story of running barefoot to help a camper. She pointed out that part of my identity is to put others before myself. I hope to continue this identity into the future as a nursing student, as a student leader, and mostly as a follower of Christ.

I am extremely thankful for the week I spent at Chapter Camp at the beginning of this summer. Since then I have been applying what I learned from Mark’s gospel about what it really means to follow Christ and continue to grow in Him. As I start another year of nursing school, I want to keep my identity rooted firmly in Him.

Kristin Stam

Read more about Kristin in the article, "Nursing Students Off to Camp." Please pray for the faithful student leaders returning to campus inspired to lead  others to follow Christ in nursing school.


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