Christian Deans Gather for Worship and Prayer

Christian Dean FellowshipOn October 28, 2012, many of God’s chosen leaders in nursing education will gather in Washington, DC for the semiannual meeting of the American Association of Colleges of Nursing. The Christian Deans Fellowship (CDF) creates an opportunity for mutual encouragement through shared worship of Jesus. Though not an official organization, CDF is permitted to distribute meeting invitations because participants have made very positive comments on their evaluations. Membership is defined by those who gather for worship. Over the years the volunteer convener of the CDF has changed, but the focus has remained loving Jesus and seeking His guidance for nursing education. How well I remember the joy of attending the CDF gathering the Fall 2010.

I arrived early for the 7:45am time of worship, prayer and fellowship. The 25 chairs were already full with standing room only. The hotel staff labored to wedge more chairs into the room as eager participants kept coming. The room filled with 40 deans and associates, half of them from secular institutions where they faithfully bear witness to Jesus in their schools of nursing. Nearly half were first-time attenders to this worship gathering of Christian Deans Fellowship.

The 90 minutes of prayer and of singing are indelibly printed on my memory. These academic leaders did not ask prayer for themselves; they specifically requested prayer for faculty with illnesses and students with serious concerns. After each request was lifted in prayer, all affirmed their confidence in one Lord by singing Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus and There’s Just Something About That Name.

What joy filled my heart as I reflected on the hope represented by these forty men and women who are following Jesus in their role as leaders in nursing education. Please pray for at least 30 returning registrants who are eagerly anticipating the upcoming worship gathering. This year, for the first time, invitations were included in the program packet to all registrants so we anticipate that others will join in this God-honoring experience of worship, praise and prayer.

Sandra L. Jamison, Ph.D., RN NCF Volunteer for Faculty and Graduate Student Ministries


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