Changed Lives through NCF

BrookeI love this time of year when our graduating seniors realize that their nursing dreams are about to become a reality. They also see how God is creating new dreams for how they can serve him by caring for others as nurses.

Brooke is one of our senior chapter leaders for Nurses Christian Fellowship who recently shared her encouraging story with next year’s leaders at the University of Central Florida:

“As I graduate and look back on the past two years, I am so thankful that God gave me the NCF group. We have constantly seen just how amazing and great God is through his works. We saw a classmate come to know Christ, and we raised up future NCF leaders with a heart for God’s mission to spread his gospel.”

Brooke sums up why NCF invests in the spiritual development of nursing students:

“All in all, my experience with NCF has truly been life-changing, and I am so grateful that God called me to be a part of it!”

See why I love my job? I am thankful that God has called me to be on staff with InterVarsity/NCF so I can be a part of how God is transforming students like Brooke. As her staff mentor, I have seen how Brooke has grown and matured in her leadership and discipleship capabilities. Now Brooke begins her nursing practice equipped to follow Jesus with joy and devotion.

Praise God for the new beginnings nursing students experience through life in Christ!

Kristaby Krista Doan InterVarsity/NCF staff @ UCF

Please join Krista’s ministry team by partnering with her in prayer and financial support so she can invest in the spiritual development of more students like Brooke.


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