Caring for Gay Persons: Stop the Hurt

1042012lgbtSome time ago I realized I needed to know more about gay issues and concerns. I regularly encounter gay patients in my work as a staff nurse and I don't like the uncomfortable feeling on the unit from other patients, staff, and myself toward them.

Then I met Sarah Sanders, who is not gay. I was challenged by Sarah's zeal for Christians to be welcoming and caring for gay persons in faith communities. Sarah wasn't radical or promoting a gay agenda, she just had a heart of compassion. She agreed to address this issue in the current Journal of Christian Nursing to help nurses understand gay terminology, health issues and care more effectively and compassionately for gay persons.

My desire for us as Christian nurses is to be compassionate, aware of how we interact with gay persons, and ask ourselves if we are reaching out with love, offering the best care possible. Read more»


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by Kathy Schoonover-Shoffner, JCN Editor



I am delighted to see the issue being addressed by NCF. I first became aware of the special health needs and issues faced by the gay/lesbian/transgender community back in the mid-1980s during the HIV/AIDs arrival in the US. It was while working with ostomy patients and teaching human sexuality that I had the opportunity to became educated along with fellow nurses, by a group of gay individuals seeking nurses who would care about their unique needs. Not only did it open my eyes to their world it gave me a greater understanding of the fact that as nurses we are called to provide unconditional love and care to all. Having been raised in an ultra-conservative home, I had concerns about what others would think if I embraced patients with diverse lifestyles. My father gave me great advice that has gathered me through many situations and circumstances - it was this advice - Do not change your values, do not impose your values - do the best job you can as a nurse. When we truly reach out to others with unconditional love, our own lives are changed and enhanced forever. Thank you for allowing me to share - CM, RN

Cindy, your father is a very wise man. .... This is a link to Ravi Zacharis talking about homosexuality.... We are here on this earth to influence others... to call sinners to REPENT.... there is a way to do this w/o CONDEMNATION... Jesus Christ of Nazareth did not condone the behavior of the woman caught in the midst of adultery .... nor did He condone the behavior of the tax collector who took more than what he was to (a government licensed thief)... Noah preached for 120 years to repent .... Do you think that this man was condemning or unloving? Preaching the truth in dedication b/c he knew of the judgement coming.... but all mocked him for this.... and none repented..... I do not agree with the part of the article that encourages us to go along with the lie ... and call a God given woman a "he" or vise versa.... That is not what speaking the "truth" in love... No one is looking at the depth or the root of why they are at this stage... and no example of how she prayed for this broken soul and spirit was shared .... let alone how to encourage this person to find who they are in Christ.... I literally look for the creator in my patient's eyes b/c we were created in God's Image.... why would I agree with the lie if I really LOVED them... and make no mistake .... that LOVE comes from Him alone... there is nothing in us able to LOVE like Him... we love b/c He FIRST loved us while we were in our sins.... saying "forgive them for they know not what they do"... And look at Stephen... who even when the crowd stoned him in anger did not stop preaching the truth.... was he not preaching in LOVE desiring that these fellow citizens would come to know that Jesus is the Son of God... we know that he was speaking truth in love b/c he said "LORD forgive them and hold not this sin against them".... I realize this is a painful situation to be in.... but when God gives you a 1:1 opportunity like this, ask Him to give you the words to penetrate that person's heart like Hebrews 4:11...the world would have you believe that tolerance is LOVE.... Beloved do not be deceived for God is not tolerant of sin, but long-suffering.... We suffer, but we do not compromise God.... we warn b/c we do love... If you saw a 4 y/o running toward a busy street and you were 50 feet away.... would you not try to get their attention to save them? Thank you for allowing me to share my heart .... Now let me leave you with a prayer: Heavenly Father... Great and Awesome is the Holiness of Your Great Name... There is no God besides You.... You alone are worthy of all praise, glory, honor, and power... LORD, hear the cry of the hearts of Your People, the Remnant... and LORD grant us Your Favor and favor with men to teach and to preach and to establish Your Righteousness and Your Holiness in the hearts of the people to a repenting and a changing that will please Your Heart evermore and evermore.... loose from Your throne legions of Angels and the power of the Holy Spirit to bring Revelation of Who You are in the hearts of men.... be blessed by Your Servants, these nurses, whose hearts cry is to please their Heavenly Abba Father.... Father indeed let us hear You speak to our hearts "in this I am well pleased" ...and Father how we hunger for Your Words to beat in our hearts and to hear Your Voice in our hearing and to know that indeed You have been High and Lifted Up and Greatly exalted in the work of our hands to bring unto You a bountiful harvest to place before the feet of our LORD, our Savior, our King, and yes.... our Friend.... Father, Glorify Your Son in us, by us, through us.... Here we are Your willing and obedient vessels of honor... send us to the masses and let us establish You greatly.... Let us truly redeem the time for our days are numbered and the time is short.... Let it indeed be pleasing in Your Sight and let it be a sweet savour unto Your Nostrils to serve You .... Bless these servants to Your Glory and to Your Praise, and to Your Honor, and to Your Righteousness until Your Great and Awesome return .... In Jesus Name and in the Power of His Blood I ask .... Amen

[...] reader responded on the NCF Nurses Blog: “I am delighted to see the issue being addressed by NCF. I worked with AIDS patients in the [...]

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