Being Transformed?

212016jcnandbibleWhat changes are you hoping for this year? What would you like to see transformed in your life?

The apostle Paul has a lot to say about how God transforms us in Romans 12:2.

“Paul encouraged the Christians in Rome not to fashion their lives after the customs of the world about them, but to have God-focused thinking,” writes Kathy Schoonover-Shoffner in her recent editorial in Journal of Christian Nursing.

“It’s the same for us today. To be transformed, we must renew our minds by focusing our attention on God and feeding our thoughts with God’s Word, as found in the Bible,” Kathy writes.

This is why Nurses Christian Fellowship uses the tagline “Be Transformed, Transform Nursing” to invite nurses, students, and educators on a journey of renewal and transformation.

“NCF helps nurses think about God and make daily, real-world connections between God’s Word and nursing,” writes Kathy. “As we follow Jesus in nursing, we are changed from the inside out. We help each other fix our attention on God and his designs for our individual and collective nursing practice.”

Kathy invites you to start your 2016 journey to be God’s transformed nurse by becoming a member of NCF. Join NCF and be a part of what God doing to change the nursing world.

Kathy summarizes, “Together, we can transform nursing students and schools of nursing. Together, we can be transformed nurses who transform our work places. Together, we can transform nursing.”

Find out more about membership and benefits of the NCF professional network.



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