Bedside Evangelism . . . in Pakistan

NCF in PakistanJacoline is a Pakistani nurse who read our NCF Blog post about the online article, "Spiritual Care: Evangelism at the Bedside?" from the Journal of Christian Nursing, Oct–Dec 2011. Then she shared it at a newly-created NCF workshop for other Christian nurses in her country. She shared her gratitude with the NCF Googlegroup.

Thank you for this networking where all can hear how the article was used as a guide, even living in a Muslim country and the challenges we face, yet God is using many Christian nurses to spread the good news.

I get the opportunity to not only read the article but I shared this in a recent workshop that was organized for the Christian nurses of Pakistan.

This is my privilege to share that last Friday the Pakistani Christian nurses workshop was organized by NCF-Pakistan team. The theme was "Are we equipped to serve?" We invited 50 Christian nurses and I am glad to mention that I utilized the thoughts of Elizabeth's article as well as how evangelism could be done safely and wisely. It now looks so timely that nurses need to learn and be prepared for evangelism and I am preparing the report of this activity.

So thank you NCF-International and all the team. I benefit a lot from the literature that is freely available and I integrate them. So I am grateful to my God that he made it possible to stay connected and serve one another and use the resources, at least those freely available. God bless you all. Jacoline



well done jaquline

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