Barbara White: a World-Changer

Dr. Barbara WhiteDr. Barbara White, RN, CNS, is a world-changer in healthcare education. Since nursing school, she’s had ambitious dreams of teaching nursing as ministry, and even becoming a dean. Yet her life journey has included periods of questioning God’s call and how to fulfill her vision for God’s work.

Barbara is passionate about how Christian nurses can make a difference in healthcare. “Hospitals are filled with holy moments,” she said in her testimony for 1300+ InterVarsity and NCF staff at their national conference.

After years of education, teaching and raising a family, Barbara had ongoing questions about how to serve God most effectively. She has realized, “Passionately pleading with God to use you is like passionately pleading for fire to be hot, or water to be wet. God, by his very nature, uses people.”

Eventually Barbara learned that, “God’s call on my life is who I am in him, not what I can do in him.”

God has clearly used Barbara in the lives of nurses around the world. She is the President of NCF International (NCFI). “I love visiting nurses around the world who are faithful to Jesus and serving the people in their own country.” Barb is a member of NCF and appreciates belonging to a professional organization for Christian nurses. “NCF has been a life-line throughout my entire nursing career,” she said.

Barbara serves as the Dean of Nursing and Sciences at Colorado Christian University. This, too, is evidence of God’s hand in her life. She said, “God’s specific call is not an event, a position, an achievement, or something to get ready for. God’s calling is a process of living every day serving others and seeing situations from his perspective.”

Watch all of Barbara’s video testimony at InterVarsity’s national staff conference.



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