Are you thirsty?

ThirstyJesus invites you to come and drink!

Life is busy if you're a nurse or nursing student! You may struggle to find the time to meet with God daily in prayer and Scripture study. "Thirsty" is designed to make it easier to get a deep drink of God's life-giving water every day so that you can grow and bear fruit as a follower of Jesus.

Thirsty promo video"Thirsty" provides a daily passage of Scripture delivered to your computer or phone, plus three reflection questions. Read through the entire Bible in three years with students around the world who are drinking daily from God's Word. Watch this video and sign up @

"Thirsty" is sponsored by InterVarsity and the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES), the global ministry partners of NCF.



Just wanted to say really well done. Superb job.

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