A 70th Anniversary for NCF

1948Celebrate with us! This year marks the 70th anniversary of Nurses Christian Fellowship, and we are grateful for decades of God’s faithfulness.

Our roots go back to the 1930s when Christian nurses began meeting together in local groups for prayer, Bible study and outreach. By 1948, a national movement formed with purposes and doctrinal positions that closely resembled those of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship.

tweetSince then, InterVarsity and NCF have partnered on U.S. campuses to see God transform more than a million graduates who will influence their communities for Christ. Today, we continue to produce and send out flourishing disciples of Jesus who are eager to participate in God’s redemptive mission in our world.

Some of these followers of Jesus are nursing students who develop spiritual roots to anchor them as they go into nursing practice. NCF reaches nursing students as a focused ministry of InterVarsity, but we are unique because we continue to equip and encourage nurses as they serve Christ vocationally in nursing.

Megan was a nursing student who was transformed through the InterVarsity chapter at her school:

“InterVarsity has been the biggest part of my college career. It’s where I met some very dear friends, grew into a leader (which I never thought I was!), and got into a relationship with the Lord that has changed my life. My life is for Jesus now.” —Megan, BSN, University of Buffalo

InterVarsity is immersed in the university world because we believe it is the most strategic place to invest in spreading God’s kingdom. Students are asking passionate questions: Who am I? Why am I here? For nursing students, how they answer these questions will profoundly affect them—and their nursing practice—in the years to come.

“The university is a clear-cut fulcrum with which to move the world. Change the university and you change the world,” stated Dr. Charles Malik, former President of the United Nations General Assembly and Security Council.

Every year, nearly 40,000 students and faculty are influenced by involvement in more than 1,000 InterVarsity campus chapters. The following core traits are imbedded in the graduates of InterVarsity and NCF groups:​

    Nursing students learn to integrate faith and practice with contextualized NCF Bible studies.
    NCF student ministry grew 17% last year with more nursing students discovering faith in Christ than ever before. Last fall, 45 nursing students.
    Nursing students who are part of InterVarsity chapters are stretched to go to others who are different and build mutual friendships that demonstrate the reconciling work of Jesus. Most of InterVarsity students identify as non-white (54%), and diversity is experienced in community.
    Nursing students learn discipleship practices that provide roots of faith to flourish spiritually for a lifetime. They are better prepared to meet the intense demands of nursing practice and care for the holistic needs of their patients when they are grounded in Christ as students.

Every year God changes people’s lives through NCF ministry. We look to the past with gratitude and to the future with great expectancy. For today, we strive to be faithful. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever!

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Praise God for those humble beginnings of NCF. I also started in NCF as a nursing student, and I would agree, it was one of the highlights from that time for it has had a lasting treasure, relationship with other Christian nurses. Now serving as co-chair for one of the NCF nurse groups, I've also participated in state NCF retreats, helping plan several of them. This past weekend we basked in God's glory as we enjoyed our annual Texas NCF retreat! During that time, the stories shared from countless precious nurses about the way the ministry of NCF has impacted their lives was amazing. Praise God for the faithfulness of NCF and the national leadership who makes it a reality!

Thanks be to God. How wonderful to cerebrate the 70th Anniversary of NCF. I wonder if NCF would have a chapter in Thailand to share God’ s love and grace to Thai Christian Nurses Fellows? Though we are small in number but we also serve and deliver nursing care with our faith, love and God’s grace.

Dear Prathana, You will want to check out http://ncfi.org for contact information about NCF International in the Pacific and East Asia (http://ncfi.org/ncfi-regions/pacific-and-east-asia/).

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