2012-13: A Fruitful Year

2012-13 Bulletin Board

Our NCF bulletin board says it all: Last year was a fruitful year of ministry among nursing students!

We thank God for 1,070 students active in 95 NCF chapters.  Our 112 faculty advisors faithfully provided spiritual support and mentoring for chapter members and their mission for Jesus on campus. Best of all, we received reports that 21 people became Christians through NCF ministry.

At the end of the school year, we asked, “How did NCF make a difference in the lives of the students in your chapter?”  Here are a few responses:

  • “The chapter helped students learn how to incorporate their faith into nursing practice.” – Olivia, student  leader
  • “We encouraged each other and others through the creation of a community and spreading hope through the Word.”  – Michelle, student leader
  • “They shared with others their growth in the Word and how the Bible teaches health.” – Marylee, faculty advisor
  • “The attendees for NCF are loving followers of Christ and bring so much cheer and hope to their patients and friends. University studies are rigorous and the support students receive from each other brings hope to all.” – RuthAnn, faculty advisor

In the year ahead, we know that God will be transforming the hearts and minds of nursing students who can follow Jesus in nursing and bring biblical shalom to their nursing profession. Thanks be to God!


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