NCF Staff

This devotional explores the value of pursuing God's wisdom and provides practical application to everyday life.

Seek harmony with yourself this year. Here’s a way to get started. 

A simple invitation can redefine a person’s life.

Until she was a patient herself, Jennifer didn’t realize how much it matters that nurses ask, “How are you feeling?” 

When emotions feel like just a messy mistake in our humanity, consider that God gave us emotions and the means to handle them positively. 

What can nurses do when a workplace situation conflicts with their personal beliefs?

How can we believe that real joy and gladness will overtake the brokenness and death we encounter?  

Feeling sucked dry in every way and facing another 12-hour shift with difficult, needy patients, a nurse looks up and connects with the source of strength.

A chance encounter at a hotel lunch counter yields an enduring impression.

A nursing student renews her relationship with Christ and uses her nursing skills at summer camp.